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Independent Worm Saloon

Butthole Surfers

Artists Name: Butthole Surfers
Title: Independent Worm Saloon
Limited Edition: Only 1000 Total Units
Format: LP Translucent Blue 180 Gram Vinyl
Price: $25.98  (All prices include shipping.)
Availability:  Not Currently In Stock
Label: PLAIN
Catalog Number:1991
Return Eligibility: NON-RETURNABLE
Additional Musical Category Notes:

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“Independent Worm Saloon” is the major label debut by the Butthole Surfers originally released by Capitol Records in 1993. Riding the wave of the early 90s alternative explosion the band used some of that major label money and hired former Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones as producer and the result is a tight in your face album that didn't tone down the band at all. Gibby Haynes is in fine form with his often hilarious and bizarre vocals and lyrics working their way into your brain on all out rockers like “Who Was In My Room Last Night?” and “Goofy’s Concern” and on the more mellow numbers such as “The Ballad Of Naked Man” and “You Don’t Know Me”. On translucent blue vinyl, limited edition of a 1,000. First time ever domestic vinyl release. In a polylined inner sleeve. Record stampers produced by Record Technology, Inc. Camarillo California, USA.

Track Listing
Side A

[4:09] Who Was In My Room Last Night?

[3:50] The Wooden Song

[2:06] Tongue

[0:43] Chewin' George Lucas' Chocolate

[3:03] Goofy's Concern

[3:09] Alcohol

[3:06] Dog Inside Your Body

[4:08] Strawberry

[2:06] Some Dispute Over T-Shirt Sales

[2:59] Dancing Fool

Side B

[2:41] You Don't Know Me

[2:40] The Annoying Song

[6:39] Dust Devil

[2:25] Leave Me Alone

[3:34] Edgar

[6:05] The Ballad Of Naked Man

[8:39] Clean It Up

Additional Technical Information Available For This Album
Release Format: LP            
Vinyl Weight: 180 grams
Vinyl Color: Translucent Blue
Mastering Facility: Fantasy Studios
Mastering Engineer: George Horn, Anne-Marie Suenram

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